Membership Information

Membership to UBI Federal Credit Union is open to individuals who live, work and worship or attend school in Hartford County, Connecticut, including all businesses!

We offer the following membership types:

Primary (Single Membership)
For your eyes only. No one else has access to these funds. In the event of death, funds will be released to your estate on behalf of your designated beneficiary.

Joint Membership
Two or more persons have access to funds (one of whom must be a Primary Member). Your joint owner can deposit and withdraw shares, but cannot vote, obtain loans or hold office unless she/he is also a qualified member. In the event of death, surviving owner(s) shall own all shares.

Family Membership
We Invite your family to become active members of our family. They are all entitled to full membership privileges and benefits.

Retirement Membership
We encourage you to retain full membership privileges upon your retirement.

Even if you retire, move away or leave your present place of employment, you are still entitled to retain your membership privileges. The only requirement is that you maintain at least $25.00 in shares.

Remember, Once A Member, Always A Member!

To apply for membership or to request more information, contact us.