Make a Loan Payment

Need to Make a Loan Payment?

You can use this form to make a payment with check or Debit Card to your UBIFCU loan. This online payment service is primarily if you know you're going to be late and need to make a quick payment. While this service will work fine for monthly payments, we encourage you to fill out our ACH origination form (link), mail it to us, then we will set up your payment to automatically be deducted from your account on a monthly basis, and the service is free (using an electronic check or Debit Card through our online system will cost you $8 or $30 - noted below), but the easiest way to make a payment from another institution is to use Hometech (our free online banking service), and setup the other institution as another account you own, then you can freely transfer money from there to here for payment whenever you want, or even schedule it to recur automatically on a schedule that suits you!

When you make a payment online, you will incur the following convenience fees:

  • $30 to use your Debit Card
  • $8 to use your check electronically (ACH)

Please be aware that payments made this way will take about 2-3 business days to post to your account. Before attempting to pay off your loan, please call for a payoff amount!

Make a payment now!